Gustavo Acosta – Space of Silence

The exhibition “Gustavo Acosta – Space of Silence” brings to Brazil for the first time the work of one of the greatest Cuban artists of his generation, known as ‘the young Cuban visual art of the 80s’. Guardian of the pictorial tradition, from where there is the emanation of repressed poetic emotions, Gustavo Acosta invites us to share the silence that emerges from the metaphysical scenarios and urban landscapes in stillness that he presents in his paintings and drawings, made of dashes, dots, spots, colors, memories and reflections. There are 74 works produced by the author, where the latest productions and the first steps of the artist communicate with each other through an urban landscape filled with meaning, which goes beyond the immediate appearance. A surreal atmosphere causes visitors to feel that something is out of place, but always in a very quiet way, almost as if it were possible to hear the silence in the scene. Visitors can also see part of the exhibitor’s artistic process, including the photographic research and three-dimensional modeling that he performs. The city crosses his work. In his paintings, there is the intersection of memories of Havana, where he was born, and Miami, where he went into exile, creating this space of questioning, where large cities and humans observe each other and discuss their relationship. And all this representation takes place from an aerial perspective, which the artist uses to define the analytical detachment from the work and, at the same time, to force visitors to play the role of spectators. A trip through scenarios that are both personal and universal, where the gaze of the artist, throughout the exhibition, questions us more than it answers us how it feels to be or not to be part of those dwellings, of one dwelling. Until the experience becomes synesthetic and the painting becomes tangible and we become aware of its materiality; when we need to touch, feel the pigment on our fingers, smell the acrylic and hold our breath to get intoxicated like addicts, making our own journey at last.

  • Rio de Janeiro 18.11.2013 a 05.01.2014 – Caixa Cultural
  • São Paulo 22.02.2014 a 20.04.2014 – Caixa Cultural São Paulo


  • Rodolfo de Athayde
Project Management
  • Jennifer McLaughlin
Executive Assistant
  • Daniele Oliveira
Production Assistant
  • Karen Ituarte
  • Lisiany Mayão