Carlos Garaicoa

Before being a fragment, I was a city. Before being a city, I was sand.

But before everything else, I was the wisdom of someone else’s desire.


The dissonance between the city and man, and between the reality and utopia of urban spaces, is the big question that moves Cuban Carlos Garaicoa in his creative journey. Going from one town to the next, deconstructing them and extracting their essences from them, Carlos Garaicoa expressed in his art the universal and relentless search for the ideal stage of human existence. With a total of 22 works, including installations, videos, photographs, mockups and drawings, the exhibition shows different and very paradigmatic moments of the artist’s career, from his first essays in order to understand the city of Havana up to the universalization of this vision. In addition, two works were created especially for the exhibition: “Recent news” and “How my Brazilian library feeds off fragments of a concrete reality”. For the artist, all matter is valid as support for the idea, and this appears in the plurality of media he works with: photograph, video, stone, thread, nail, glass, table, paper, wire, light, book, bullet, water and the man and his creation, the word. An aesthetically impeccable exhibition that offers, to the public, fluidity in the reading of the works and allows an immersion in the creative process of the artist, metalinguinstically incorporating the areas of the exhibition into the technological and aesthetic elements of this reflection on the space and the city. Recognized by major institutions and collectors, with significant works in museums such as Centre George Pompidou, Tate Modern and Reina Sofia, Carlos Garaicoa has already held more than 50 international exhibitions in the recent years and is one of the most important artists of the contemporary Cuban scene

  • Rio de Janeiro 01.07 a 10.08.2008 – Caixa Cultural
  • Brasília 03.02 a 22.03.2009 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Belo Horizonte 23.04 a 14.06.2009 – Palácio das Artes


  • Ania Rodriguez
  • Rodolfo de Athayde