The Art of Cuba

By bringing to Brazil the most significant collection of Cuban art ever seen outside of the island, the exhibition entitled “Art of Cuba” presents a broad panorama of Cuban art of the twentieth century – from the emergence of the avant-garde, when Cuban art gains its own identity, passing by the aesthetic plurality that reflects the changes of the revolution in the 60’s and 70’s, to the more contemporary manifestations, whose renewal and experimentation have marked Cuban art from the 80’s until today. Comprising 122 works by 61 artists, the exhibition gives an account of this journey through a thematic approach that groups artists from different generations together, according to the common points in their arts. Names like Fidelio Ponce de León, Victor Manuel, Marcelo Pogolotti, Raúl Martínez, Sandú Darié, Luis Martínez Pedro, Humberto Castro, Arturo Cuenca, Gustavo Acosta, José Bedia, Los Carpinteros, Carlos Garaicoa, and several others still little known to the Brazilian public make up a kaleidoscope of the island. Result of a partnership between the Cultural Association Guantanamera – responsible for the dissemination of Cuban cultural production in Brazil – and the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (which administers much of the artistic heritage of the country), the exhibition Art of Cuba points to a central element in the production the island – the social commitment of the artist – who shows, be it through the art of explicit militancy, through the timeless drama of individual questions, or through the dialogue with the roots of Cuban culture, that the Cuban artist is capable of leaving and returning to the island, physically and conceptually, and of looking inwards and outwards at the same time, making an art that connects the local and the universal and talks with the contemporary world and its own history.

  • São Paulo – 30.01 a 23.04.2006 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Rio de Janeiro – 15.05 a 16.07.2006 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Brasília – 31.07 a 15.10.2006 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Curitiba – 11.10.2006 a 14.01.2007 – Museu de Oscar Niemeyer


  • Ania Rodriguez