To the sky, To the sky, To the sky,To the ground, To the ground, To the ground

The title of Beth Esteves show, as a result from a known ditty child, suggests that often we should look up or down, we should change the usual angle through which we understand the world, change the perspective of things around us, in order to be surprised with delicacy or rapture situations; Finally, envision different ways of perception of things and meaning assignment opportunities for them. The artist warns us that: “you have to look up our heads and below our feet.” The poetic repetition, almost a mantra, invests in a playful feeling, making us look at what often would be unnoticeable to us amid our habits and daily routines. Simple objects, architectural details, small events that cross our path during our displacement through the city, they come alive and transform themselves before our eyes, urge us to find (again) this diary dream enchantment, fantasy, fiction, sharpening our ability to imagine worlds and design new ways of apprehending forms and things. In order to do it, the artist combines artistic and scientific knowledge, engineering and craft knowledge, technical knowledge and imagination. Machines, appliances, pictures, animations and designs of Beth Esteves do not work from the productive logic of the industry or cataloged needs of the body, the home, the urban area or the natural environment. The result of their actions and the product of their performance do not apply here, they do not have utilitarian nature. Before it, poetic devices are made, artistic conceptions that produce and establish sensible ways of relating with the world.

  • Bauru 17.04.15 a 30.05.15 – Sesi Bauru
  • Rio Claro 08.06.15 a 02.08.15 – Sesi Rio Claro
  • Campinas 07.08.15 a 19.09.15 – Sesi Campinas
  • São José dos Campos 25.09.15 a 01.11.15 – Sesi São José dos Campos


  • Ivair Reinaldim