Game On

Space Wars, Computer Space, Pachinko. Rock Band, Halo, GTA Grand Theft Auto. Pokemon, The Sims, Final Fantasy. If you recognize these titles, then there is no doubt that you will like this exhibition. But if you do not recognize any of them, then you need to attend this exhibition! After all, it has been at least 50 years that video games have been part of our modern society and our lives, directly and indirectly, with major impacts that range from aesthetic behavioral influence, creating a new linguistic and cultural repertoire, up to their use for pedagogical and cognitive development purposes. Conceived and developed by the Barbican Centre – the largest arts center in Europe – the Game On exhibition has already been held in more than ten countries and provides an overview of the culture of video games, from the first “arcades” up to current platforms, consoles, the mobile trend and the newest technology in virtual reality. There are more than 120 games for visitors to play, interact, learn and to reflect on the impact of games on contemporary culture, particularly on the collaborative and multidisciplinary approach that is in their essence — games cannot be created without collaboration and offer a unique opportunity for the fusion of art and science, besides inspiring children and adults to explore and interact with landscapes and concepts that previously could only be found in dreams and imagination, or guessed in other forms of art and expression. The exhibition also shows the impact of movies on games, including soundtracks composed especially for games and which are absorbed by pop music. It compares and contrasts the Asian games – especially the Japanese pioneering efforts – and American and European games, listing the best examples of each one to play and to reflect. A lesson on the history, culture and future of video games, an invitation for the family to gather and identify with this playful universe and with the possibilities to learn, to develop and to be entertained that are offered by the game world.

  • Brasília – 26.01.2012 a 26.02.2012 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Ficha Técnica

General Direction
  • Rodolfo de Athayde
Project Management
  • Ania Rodriguez Alonso
Project Management
  • Jennifer McLaughlin
Production Assistant
  • Daniele Oliveira